What Makes a Rainbow Magic ribbon book


Keep your child entertained with the quirky and innovative What Makes A Rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz.

This classic children’s book is the perfect way to teach your toddler about colours.
Join Little Rabbit and Mama Rabbit as they discover the different colours of the rainbow while meeting different forest animals.
The book also features a unique ribbon effect, with a different coloured ribbon appearing with each page turn, which is sure to delight your child.

So if you’re ready to take your child on a colourful adventure, be sure to pick up this colourful new edition of What Makes A Rainbow?

What Makes A Rainbow? features:

  • Hardcover, 16 pages.
  • Written by Betty Ann Schwartz.
  • Easy to follow children’s story.
  • Innovative coloured ribbon design.
  • Published by Piggy Toes Press.

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