Tuck-a-Stacker Stainless Steel Lunch box


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The Tuck-a-Stacker is the smaller Big Brother of the Sustain A Stacker.
The Tuck-a-Stacker is the smaller of the two Rectangular shaped Stacker Lunchbox.
It is a convenient, compact and Reusable Three Compartment Food Grade Stainless Steel Lunchbox
The Tuck-a-Stacker
Includes 2 stackable levels and bonus oblong container, which can be snuggly stored inside the second layer or used on its own.
Stacker Layers
Complete Set – Length: 14.5, Width: 10.5, Height: 7.7
Top Layer – 4.5cm`
Bottom Layer –
Top Layer –
Bottom Layer – 400ml
Oblong Container
Length – 10cm
Width – 6cm
Height – 4cm
3/4 cup


*  Food Grade Stainless Steel

* Unbreakable  * Non Toxic *100% Safe  * Reusable *Dishwasher safe  * Zero waste  * Non Leaching  * Plastic Free  * Hygienic  * Durable


* Level 1 – Large Sandwich or Wrap, Rice Dish, Pasta, Salads

* Level 2 – Fruit, Sushi, Dried Snacks, Nuts, Slices and baked goodies

* Oblong Container – Nuts, Dried Fruit, Cherry tomatoes, carrot and celery sticks, and Thick dips like Guacamole and Hummus

Made ethically and responsibly in India.

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