Tender Leaf Toys | Wooden Animal | Brontosaurus


Size: 10cm L4.6cm H2cm W | No need for plastic animals | Open-ended educational play

Certainly a celebrity dinosaur – the friendly vegetarian Brontosauruas dinosaur are as lovely as they are tall!  Lovely smooth finish wooden Dinosaur -Brontosaurus. It is made from sustainable rubber wood with a mouth-safe, non-toxic paint finish.  Great to add to other wooden toy play sets – providing the opportunity for creative and open-ended play. Collect all from the Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Range.

Dinosaur Data:  Brontosaurus’ is really named “Apatosaurus”, a dinosaur that’s very similar to Brachiosaurus. However, Apatosaurus was much shorter than Brachiosaurus and their neck was much half the length of Brachiosaurus.

Pop in a hand bag for on-the-go entertainment.  Ages: 3+ y
Tender Leaf toys – each of their toys is unique, crafted from a living material, eco-friendly rubber wood hand finished using traditional methods and processes that are both kind to our environment and provide skilled labor for a large local community. Every tree that is cut down, another is planted. Tender Leaf Toys are committed to ethical supply trading.

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