Small Wobbly Tower Stacker Pink


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This small Conical Tower is a fun  wobble toy!
An all-time classic, Grimm’s Wobbly Stacking Tower makes a perfect first birthday gift.
This is a time when babies are developing greater gross and fine motor control and are beginning to recognise colours.
At first, simply removing the discs presents a challenge.
Then, after many months, the final test is to reassemble the colours in order – difficult even for a two year-old.
Truly a toy with lasting play value. The children can sort, stack and build with the discs.
While stacking, the eye-hand coordination is stimulated and fine motor skills are trained.
Five discs for stacking.
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain.

Dimensions: Height 13cm

Age group: From 6 months

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