Premature Baby Comforter Bondifly pink or blue


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The Bondifly comforters have been specifically developed to meet the needs of premature babies and to help them with their first tough weeks in life  Bondifly is a cuddle blanket which envelops children with its soft and warm fabric giving incubator children the safe and warm feeling of being tucked in.

Unique features:

– Detachable wings that can be worn against the skin of the mother/father, then placed into the incubator with the baby to introduce the scent of the parents into the incubator. (2 detachable wings delivered with each Bondifly, one to wear and one to leave with the baby)

– The body and wings of Bondifly are like a blanket that can wrap all around the baby and the head of Bondifly will fill up the empty space between the tummy and the incubator nest.

– Grasping antennae in different shapes and fabric – can be placed near the baby’s hands to allow them to hold on to instead of grasping the tube or drip which is often painful.

Fabrics: 100% Organic Cotton Velvet – naturally white & (pink or blue,)
100% Organic Cotton Interlock – striped

Dimension: 20 x 28 cm

Machine Wash 60º

Ages: 0+

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Natural materials are the nicest to cuddle with. Keptin-Jr makes all her cuddles out of natural materials like 100% cotton and pure wool.   Environment friendly productions means taking into account the future of the child. Keptin-Jr uses environmental materials like organic cotton ad recycled cardboard for all her products and packings.


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