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Explore nature in a visual, interactive way | Wooden Nature flash cards | Made in Australia

This concept has been around for a while, and the creator of these, remembers making cardboard versions like this for his son, the trouble was, he would always end up destroying (or when he was younger, eating) the cardboard.

So, Plywood toys gave them the Plyful treatment, now being made out of pine the are much stronger and with the added benefit of having multiple play styles; from hunting colours in the backyard, matching the shapes of the wooden cutouts and using them for tracing and outlines on paper.

This set includes 16 wooden flash cards (each card is 9.3cm X 13cm) made from Australian sourced Californian Radiata Pine.

Through games and playing, children can nurture their imagination, improve their ability to listen, as well as develop important cognitive skills

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