Plywood Toys | Stargazing Disc for Shadow Play | Made in Australia


Explore the stars in a visual, interactive way | Wooden star discs | Made in Australia

There is nothing that will fill a child with the awe and wonder of the universe than looking up at the stars, and as over time, they learn about how far and wide our amazing universe extends.  These Aussie made discs provide not only the names and patterns of many constellations but with holes allow for light play and star gazing even on the cloudiest of nights. A Great game gives an easy jumping off point for all sorts of little chats with your little one about the stars, in the night sky.

Comes with 12 wooden constellation discs, each measures 9 cm x 9 cm and 3 mm thick.

Through games and playing, children can nurture their imagination, improve their ability to listen, as well as develop important cognitive skills

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