Plywood Toys | My Heart is… an emotions puzzle | Made in Australia

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Explore feelings in a visual, tactile, interactive way | Wooden puzzle | Made in Australia

Most little people (and most of us big people) have their struggles with the world of feelings they experience inside and around them. Things can be frustrating, confusing, joyful, amazing or sad.  Understanding how to name feelings, discuss the fact of them without judgement as to the right or wrong of feeling certain ways. that we all feel all of it at different times is a really important discussion to have with kids of all ages.  This Aussie made game gives an easy jumping off point for all sorts of little chats with your little one.

Measuring at 19cm x 19cm and 2.1cm deep with 9 pieces including the base.

Benefits of talkings about feelings with your kids  include the way it can help a child’s brain, social skills and communication skills develop.

Through games and playing, children can nurture their imagination, improve their ability to listen, as well as develop important cognitive skills

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