Papoose Felt | Bowl & Ball Set | Rainbow


100% wool felt | Age: 0+ | 5cm ball-size | sorting, stacking, colour matching play
Open-ended play and learning opportunities abound with this 56pc rainbow bowl and ball set.    It is a gorgeous large set that can be played with in many ways and is safe for very little children.
There are 7 x 11.5 cm  colours and 7 x 5cm balls of each 7 colours (49 balls altogether).
THIS SET HAS LARGER BALLS & BOWLS than the 3y+ set (and so costs a little more!)
This product is compliant with EN71 for 0+, Papoose has increased the size of the balls and the bowls)
Each piece is made using 100% natural wool products and non-toxic biodegradable dyes

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