Organic Balm by Noc Noc


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We want to make your life easier by offering our organic multi-purpose balm to pair with our wooden toys.

Handmade in small batches, our balm is composed of just 2 ingredients!
No harsh chemicals added.

This balm will help to keep your wooden accessories looking like new, providing the added benefit of natural antibacterial & antimicrobial properties!
Our balm also doubles as a skin conditioner for dry lips, hands, and body!
Go ahead, toss this bad boy in your nappy bag or purse!

♥ Beeswax creates a natural protective barrier to help retain moisture and reduce dryness when applied to skin.
It embodies antibacterial, vitamin A, and anti-inflammatory properties, won’t clog pores!

♥ Jojoba oil is the only oil that closely resembles the skins sebum.
It helps to strengthen underlying tissues aiding in the removal of excessive dead cells on the skin’s surface that contribute to making your skin rough and flaky.
Thus, it’s an excellent choice in hydrating the skin and reducing inflammation!

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