Little Zmooz Organic Comforter 4 Colours


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Cozy&Zmooz have no pre-shaped facial expression. Whether a baby smiles, sings or cries, Cozy&Zmooz are always their best friend.

Zmooz is available in 2 sizes, we advise choosing the large Zmooz for children from 9 to 18 months. This is a natural progression from the smaller Zmooz which is meant for children from 0 to 9 months.

Often, Cozy or Zmooz is given to children at a very young age and remains their favorite cuddle until adolescence!

Fabrics: 100% Organic Cotton Terry Cloth – naturally white & Fuchsia,

Stuffing: Pure Wool

Sewing Label: 100% organic cotton

Dimension: 17 cm.

Machine Wash – High Care Programm 30ºC

Ages: 0+

Machine Wash – High Care Programm 30ºC

Ages: 0+

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Natural materials are the nicest to cuddle with. Keptin-Jr makes all her cuddles out of natural materials like 100% cotton and pure wool.   Environment friendly productions means taking into account the future of the child. Keptin-Jr uses environmental materials like organic cotton ad recycled cardboard for all her products and packings.


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