Jellycat | Starry Eyed Kitten (25% off)

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Starry Eyed Kitten


Don’t tell anyone, but Starry-Eyed Kitten is a wonderful witch’s cat!
Silky-soft in inky black fur, with glimmering green eyes and chunky squidgy paws, this conjuring kitty is very good at spells! Bobble-nosed and pointy-eared, this midnight pal is lovingl

When you cuddle your Jellycat Starry Eyed Kitten, you will know why Jellycat is one of the most popular plush toys around town for babies, kids and adults.

  • Luxurious & soft
  • Soft, fluffy and fabulous
  • Size : 18cm 
  • Perfect size for babies and toddlers
  • A popular favourite!


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