Jellycat | Bashful Elephant (25% off)

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Bashful Elephant – Medium (31cm)


Bashful Elephant has an amazing sense of smell, thanks to that tremendous trunk!
If you’re doing some baking, don’t be surprised if you feel a supersoft nudge and find a hopeful elephant beside you!
With gorgeous grey fur and such a sweet face, this flopsy-eared friend is a bundle of cuddles!
Suitable from birth. you feel how soft this Medium Jellycat Bashful Elephant

When you cuddle your Jellycat elephant , you will know why Jellycat is one of the most popular plush toys around town for babies, kids and adults.

  • Medium size
  • Luxurious & soft
  • Soft-filled paws – ideal for little hands to grab
  • Size : 31cm 


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