Himalayan Journey Felt | Ladybugs (Set of 2)


100% Aust/NZ Wool Felt | Fair Trade -Made in Nepal  | 5cm

Set of two Sweet Ladybugs add to any imaginary play-scapes. These small ladybugs add lots of cute fun to landscape, fairy homes, wooden doll houses and magical play mats or can be played with just themselves. herself.

Himalayan Journey is a colourful and creative company, bringing hand made felt products that have been crafted by local Nepalese woman. Supporting them working in a fair trade practices environment. All of their products are hand felted and hand sewn, our felt is made from 100% wool, where it is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. products are non toxic, 100% Natural.

Himalayan Journey is helping to support local Himalayan community by empowering them through employment.

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