Himalayan Journey Felt | Hedgehog Hollow home and mat


100% Aust/NZ Wool | Fair Trade -Made in Nepal | H15 x D48 cm

This magical Hollow is the sweet home of a family of 4 hedgehogs. They live in a hollowed out log, surrounded by bluebells and magical toadstools. This home comes With the 4 hedgehogs. It has been all hand felted and hand sewn from 100% wool. I  am told the family of Hedgehogs live deep in the forest of gigantic trees ands and magical toadstools, and they help the Toadstool Fairy look after the forest and the trees.

Himalayan Journey products are 100% handmade, using Australian and New Zealand wool, under a fair trade scheme in Nepal.   Age: 3 years +

Himalayan Journey is a colourful and creative company, bringing hand made felt products that have been crafted by local Nepalese woman. Supporting them working in a fair trade practices environment. All of their products are hand felted and hand sewn, our felt is made from 100% wool, where it is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. products are non toxic, 100% Natural.

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