Grimm’s | Building Boards | Monochrome


These Monochrome building boards are the perfect complement to the 12 piece rainbows, tunnels and semicircles

So many wonderful balancing and skill games as well as new construction projects can be created, leading to even more open ended play. 11 parts, 7 x 10-37 x 0,8 cm , Alder wood, oiled

Age group: 2 and above


11 building boards from, 7cm x 10cm
to 37cm x 8 cm , Alder wood, oiled

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design is one of the most outstanding German wooden toy manufacturers. As a family-owned company they develop, manufacture and sell wooden toys since 1978. Grimm’s intend is to design toys, whose simple and reduced design together with beautiful colouring, and inviting surface feel are well suited for all ages – products that are played with over and over again.

Age group: 2 and above

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