Green Essentials 1100ml Containers

The Green Essentials Stainless Steel Snaps Container range offers an airtight solution LEAK PROOF  to your food storage needs.
Useful on-the-go or to simply store your food safely at home.
Snaps are 100% airtight and completely leak proof, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Best of all, they are super light, unbreakable, 100% safe and made from 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.
The lids are clear and made from food safe polypropylene plastic with a double air chambered silicone seal that keeps food fresh for longer. Snaps offer you a lifelong solution to storage, unlike plastic food containers that eventually have to be thrown out due to cracks, scratches and general wear ‘n’ tear.

Sold individually, Green Essentials Snap Containers are available in 1 size

  • 1100ml Flat LargeThis size is perfect for leftovers and for larger lunches for those with a hungry appetite. Ideal for keeping your prepared salads fresh for a quick and easy meal. Great for keeping baked and dry goods fresh.
    Weight: 304g  Capacity: 1100ml  Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 55mm.

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