Grapat | Nins of the Forest


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| Enjoy learning through open ended play | 12mths +

The Nins of the forest is a toy which can be used as a imaginary game, to create stories and small worlds.
Can also be combined with other elements, they can be part of mathematical, language and sensory and seasonal games, among others.
It contains 6 Nins, 3 Nins with a top hat, 3 small felt sacks, 3 felt hoods, 1 felt circle, 1 hemisphere, 1 cone, 3 mushrooms, 3 coins, 2 little bars and 1 big bar. Includes a cloth bag.
Moreover, this timber pieces are not structured, which allows for it to be used in a great variety of ways. The adaptability of these materials contribute to creative and different ways of thinking.
Many elements in this material are suggestions to create small worlds, miniature scenes that invite children to express and act out stories from their own internal world to the real world. This is done through games, emotions, movement, imagination, etc. The protagonists of the children’s tales and legends are the Nins with a top hat, with or without a hood. The different materials that accompany the ‘Nins’ create scenes where they can live and feel a whole new imaginary world.


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