Grapat | 12 Colour Coins – 18pc or 12pc


These coins are part of the loose play parts offered by Grapat

Coins have diameter of 4.7cm. Grapat toys are hand made using natural wood and water based stain.

These particular options include 12 colours – colours as shown in pics
The 12 colours match (in theory – hand painted items always look a bit different) the 12 Nins etc
The quantities  left available is  18 coins of 12 colours (plus 6 extra)

choosing 12 – you get one of each of the 12 colours

choosing 18 – you get 1 of each of the 12 colours – plus 6 doubles of random colours!
Neither of these come in an original  box  – they are a split pack
They come in non-grapat – organic cotton pouch


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