Everearth Ramp Racer


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Ever Earth Ramp Racer

This  Ramp Racer by EverEarth has four slightly curved ramps with stoppers at the ends, that allow small children to easily send one of the four race cars zooming down to the finish line! This great Wooden toy is designed to allow continuous movement all the way down the ramps, with a fun “clickety-clack” sound  as the cars hit the stoppers and change direction.

Sized perfectly for a younger racer, the Ramp Racer includes four cars that are reversible – so no matter how little hands place the car on top of the ramp, it is sure to zoom to the finish!

Ever earth is a company which truly cares about children.
They make toys which bring them hours of fun and teach them boundless skills, but they are also deeply committed to producing those toys in an ecologically sound manner – so that those very same children will inherit an Earth which is as beautiful in the future as it is now.
Made from durable wood which has been sourced from renewable forests, various recycled materials and water based paint – these toys are safe

  • Age: 18mths +
  • Designed in the UK
  • Presented fully assembled in an Ever Earth box.

Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 9cm.

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