Dudly Dragon by Jellycat


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Dudley Dragon is such a silly billy!

All mixed-up and fantastic for it.

This dizzy dragon has a silky green mane and a bumpy, cosy, cordy tummy.

While many dragons are scaly and scary, this little lad is as cuddly as a cloud!

Even his claws are neat and soft, because really he’d rather make friends than flames.

Take a flight with Dudley – he’s caverns of fun!


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Sweet, fluffy and soft. These scrumptious little JELLYCAT bashful friends are the epitome of style and quality in a unique range of precious plush toys.

Jellycats strive to use the most interesting and distinctive materials and as a result produce toys that are hip and humorous and always soft and sumptuous.

Like the exceptionally fluffy and soft friends in the bashful range. Jellycat designs appeal to children ages 6 months to adults. They’re sophisticated, quirky, irresistible soft toy designs that are destined to become children’s favourites for years to come. Jellycat creations are delightful to give and precious to hold…for a long long time. scrumptious little