Bauspiel | Jnr Building Range Rainbows

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This item is the ARCH/RAINBOW set only | 15 arched pieces | 4cm base

Bauspiel Junior Building Sets include the corner blocks, the stepped colour blocks and the arches/bows/rainbows, all in oversized versions.  The finish on these is matte and grippy, perfect for adding some extra friction to help with building with these beautiful building blocks made of oiled alder wood for versatile building options.
This item is the ARCH/RAINBOW set only
All pieces have a common base size of 4 cm, which makes it easier to stack them, even for the very young. All edges are rounded and thus pleasant to the touch.    Note that these are on the SAME 4cm scale as Grimms

Junior Arches – 15 pieces in a wooden box. Bigger pieces than the non-junior version. So better for (0-4y) especially toddlers – The arches can be used as doorways or bridges.
Arches range fmrom 4cm x 4cm x 2cm to 20cm x 10cm x4 cm

Germany’s own Bauspiel makes blocks with stunning craftsmanship. These blocks stack like a dream thanks to straight cut, grippy paint finish and fine wooden finishes.

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