Bath Blocks Floating Castle

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BathBlocks Floating 21 Piece Castle Set

make bath time construction time with floating building blocks

Bathblocks combine water movement, bouyancy and adhesion to make construction in the bath awesome fun for you child. Each block floats in the bath and the action of the soapy water sticks the BathBlocks together to allow the building of bath creations – your child’s creativity will flow naturally with this awesome toy.

Features :

  • BathBlock pieces in various shapes and sizes include castle walls, towers and bridges to make castle building super fun.
  • Bright bpink colours and designs along with princess themed figures make this an attractive set for your child.
  • BathBlocks also stick to walls as well as to each other so your child can anchor their creations against the bath or bathroom wall.
  • High quality, dense foam construction which is bacteria and mildew resistant results in a durable toy fun for kids of all ages.
  • BathBlocks are award winning toys, winning the Gold Best Toy award at Oppenheim’s Toy Awards

BathBlocks bath construction encourage children to build, create, innovate, set up a their own floating castle creations. The only trouble from here on out… getting your child to come out of the bath !

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