Baby Whoozit Pram sensory toy


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Needing a great sensory toy for bub in the pram, stroller or for tummy time?
Baby Whoozit is loved by babies everywhere and has garnered several prestigious awards for its universal appeal and thoughtful design.  The reverse side has a high contrast black and white pattern for very young babies early appeal.
The six-inch round body of Baby Whoozit is pillow-like and made of ultra-soft and lush cotton velour fabric. The soft material makes it so easy for babies to cuddle with which provides a unique tactile experience.
Each of the Baby Whoozit arms, seven in all, feature hidden noisemakers which provide auditory stimulation for babies.
The hidden noisemakers include crinkle paper, squeakers, and rattles.With different textures, squeaks, rustles and a mirror under the nose!  What fun!

With a strap to allow to hang on to the pram, stroller or cot.

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