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Rain Maker | 18mth+ | Size: 20cm H x 13cm | Rolling, shaking, sound making sensory Fun

This wooden rainmaker is  made with smooth wooden craftsmanship which little hands will love. Turn it upside down and the balls will tumble down the internal holes, making a satisfying stormy rainy sound. Consisting of 42 differently coloured falling wooden marbles this wooden rain maker creates beautiful rain fall sounds.
Roll it across the floor and it will make noise as the balls tumble around.  This is both an auditory and a visual delight, combining the fun of a rainstorm with the sight of how the noise is made! As soothing as the summer rain, or shaken like a noisemaker in a marching band, can be useful for demonstrating cause and effect – what happens when you roll it? Or turn it around?

Rain rush has a beautiful finish on the timber, safe and smooth for toddler hands. B. Toys ensure that all their wooden toys are smoothly sanded, and we go the extra mile by rounding out all corners. Not to mention that it develops hand-eye coordination and encourages discovery, creativity, and imagination.
Trustworthy: Battat is a family-owned company that has been established in 1897.
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