ByAstrup | Edu Wooden Number Blocks


15 x number blocks | learn STEM at home while playing | 2-20cm

Beautifully made, well crafted shaped numbers perfect for little hands.   Delightful Danish design. This toy by Danish Brand ASTRUP® product is perfect for ‘playing’ maths and numbers with your child. The set contains 15 numbers, each of which is 2-cm thick, and a lovely cloth bag for storing the numbers safely when they are not in use. 

One way to play and learn: Let’s imagine that all numbers from 1 – 9 have a special friend. Two numbers that together make 10 are best friends.   These lovely wooden number blocks will make creating 10s fun and easy in a clear, visual way. The greater the number, the higher the block, so children can stack the numbers.
For example, find number 10 and place it in front of you. Then find 2 numbers which, when placed on top of one another, become the same height as the 10.

Astrup numbers is brilliant for assisting to improve numeracy in early childhood maths in a fun approach.    The higher the number, the taller the block so you have add up your numbers correctly for them to match height. The set can be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions.
FSC Certified.   Size of Number 10: 2 x 20 cm
16 parts   =   15 beech wood numbers + cotton bag
Blocks included: 2 x 1 \ 2 x 2 \ 2 x 3 \ 2 x 4 \ 2 x 5\1 x 6 \ 1 x 7 \ 1 x 8 \ 1 x 9 \ 1 x 10

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