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Grimm’s (Germany) quality wooden toys, are made from sustainably sourced wood and non-toxic paints. They encourage imaginary games and open-ended play. Block play such as stacking, nesting, chewing, banging, building, (knocking things down!) are fundamental stages in your child’s development. Wooden toys allow for real life play, develop fine and gross motor skills, encourage curiosity, experimenting and problem solving. Wooden toys are beautiful and fun for bubs and adults alike.

Grimm’s toys designs, colours and combinations are created by artists, then lovingly hand crafted, hand painted, and travel great oceans to arrive in Australia. And finally they arrive on our doorsteps. When you receive yours – embrace the wood knots and the beautiful wood grain. The unique variations tell the tales of the tree, its world, its life- each individual piece and its grain are expressions of and an ode to Nature Herself.

Other European Quality brands here include: Bauspiel (Germany), Drewert (Poland), and Gluckskafer (Germany), Grapat (Spain)