Earth Friendly

Wrap, Fill & Wrapping

You may wonder sometimes at the amount of bubble wrap we use when we send you such earth-friendly items!
We gasp too – but we need to make sure your wooden and lovingly hand-crafted items arrive undamaged – BUT of course we also do not want to add plastic to your children’s inheritance (the earth). We are moving to using 100% recycled card and eco-friendly sources for cushioning your wooden toys during shipping.
So this is where we stand on some plastic in our packaging:-
We don’t ever buy plastic bubble wrap or fill. We re-use and re-cycle what we have been sent. Our stock arrives with various fills, – most cardboard or paper based, and some plastic. So, we re-use it – to keep it out of landfill – thus you may get some (a lot?) of plastic wrapping your order.
We hope you are able to re-use or re-cycle it too, once it reaches your place.

We use cardboard boxes to pack orders as much as possible because they protect your items well, you can re-use or re-cycle them easily. Up til now, we have sometimes used Aust Post plastic mailing satchels. We plan to stop using these.
So we are test running “compostable” satchels right now – so hopefully we wont be using the plastic satchels from July/August 2020 onwards. We are super excited about these – and will test-run brands until we are certain they can hold your goodies safely until they reach you. Then you can re-use these bags (they can be re-sealed) or put them straight into your compost 🙂

If you’ve ordered from Bambino before, you will know that we re-use a mixture of bits of boxes, brown paper, bubble wrap and other fill and packaging to keep your items safe. It can seem like a messy unboxing – (unlike the slick instagrammable ones) but we hope your appreciation of the product, underneath the jumble of recycled packaging, brings you an eternity of delight.
Bambino xxx